11 Players the Kings never should have gambled on

The Sacramento Kings regretted acquiring these talents.
Sacramento Kings, Marvin Bagley III
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10. Harrison Barnes

The Kings traded Justin Jackson and Zach Randolph to get Barnes at the deadline in 2019. Dallas wanted off of his contract after acquiring Kristaps Porzingis. They knew it would take a max deal to sign KP in the offseason and could not risk Barnes exercising his player option. Sacramento bought low on the talented forward but overpaid to keep him in the offseason.

Barnes landed a four-year deal worth $88 million in free agency after opting out. The Kings were a bit trapped. They believed he was the best player they could land, but the franchise had to overpay to do it. Barnes signed an extension with Sacramento in the summer of 2023 for three years at $54 million. He went from making $22 million per year to $18 million with the salary cap rising.

Barnes helped the Kings snap their playoff drought, but he remains in trade rumors. Keegan Murray is best suited to play the four, and Sacramento may look to move on from the veteran. Barnes will have value. His numbers are down, but finding a 6’8 forward who can shoot 38 percent from 3-point range and defend multiple positions is not easy.

The Sacramento Kings wisely bought low on Harrison Barnes but should have been searching for a better option. Trading for an upgrade could have the franchise firmly in a position to chase a championship. Now, they will be selling low as he exits his prime.