Rumors suggest Kings owner may make two horrendous choices soon

The latest intel suggests management in Sacramento could be on the verge of a potentially big mistake.
Mike Brown, Malik Monk, Sacramento Kings
Mike Brown, Malik Monk, Sacramento Kings / Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The last two seasons have been undeniable proof of the Sacramento Kings' turnaround. Once a Western Conference bottom feeder, the Kings have flourished in this new era through diligent asset management and steady in-house improvement.

Of course, once they returned back on the scene as a playoff contender in 2023, there were plenty of doubters. Sacramento? A legitimate threat in the West? Certainly not, according to plenty of talking heads around the media sphere. But the Kings showed they belong in pushing the defending NBA champions to their absolute limit in the first round of the playoffs last year.

With the level of talent in the Western Conference, it was always going to be difficult to secure a top three seed two seasons in a row, and injury luck ended up edging the Kings just outside the playoff field in 2023-24. But behind their high-powered offensive attack, they are a near lock to be back next season.

The only factor with potential to knock Sacramento off its metaphorical rocker would be a reversal of all the trends that got them here in the first place. One of the foundations of their recent success has of course been Head Coach Mike Brown. First hired in May 2022, it was his extensive experience coaching in this league that allowed him to help end this franchise's long playoff drought in year one.

The Kings cannot reverse the trends that brought them success

As we know, Brown signed a four-year deal with Sacramento when he was brought on as Head Coach back on May 9, 2022. With two years of that contract now complete, only one remains before a 2025 offseason where there will be a mutual option between he and the team for the final year of the deal.

At the current juncture, Kings owner Vivek Ranadive is yet to craft up a new contract to keep him in town, which leaves the possibility of him declining the final year of his deal on the table. Some may wonder why he would do that, but a lot can happen between now and a year from now, and Brown may decide to take all the success he has enjoyed in Sactown and go elsewhere for a bigger payday if he is not offered what he desires.

This of course leaves many wondering: What is Ranadive waiting for? He knows that Brown has played a crucial role in changing Sacramento's culture, and letting him walk could cause all their positive growth to come crashing down. But as concerning as Brown's situation is, he is not the only major factor management must be staying cognizant of as they attempt to build consistency.

Malik Monk has been one of the Kings' most important players since arriving with the franchise, and rumors of his time in Sacramento ending are already buzzing as well. Monk will be in the market for a big extension this summer, but the possibility of another team being more willing to break the bank to acquire him looms larger and larger.

If the Kings and more specifically Ranadive opt not to pay two of the most important figures that helped put them in their current position, it could ultimately end up leading to their downfall. The NBA is a business and difficult decisions will always have to be made, but honoring those that have played a major part in your success will never be something you can neglect and get away with.