4 reasons why the Sacramento Kings should acquire Michael Porter Jr.

Denver Nuggets v Sacramento Kings
Denver Nuggets v Sacramento Kings / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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He could also become a trade asset for the Sacramento Kings down the line

In case it hasn't been clear, Porter Jr. is on a very expensive contract. He's an above-average player but hasn't built an All-Star campaign just yet. While the Kings could absolutely take a flyer on him to see if he has that potential, his contract could be used to acquire an unquestionable star being paid around the same money.

So even if he doesn't hypothetically work out on the Kings, the three years he has left on his deal would give Sacramento plenty of time to think about when would be the perfect time to trade him for someone who could vault them back into contention.

It isn't a foolproof plan, but hardly any are in the NBA. For the moment, it appears the former Nuggets lottery pick will stick around. If they change their mind on that front, getting him wouldn't be the worst idea the Kings have had.