4 reasons why the Sacramento Kings should acquire Michael Porter Jr.

Denver Nuggets v Sacramento Kings
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The Sacramento Kings could unlock more of Michael Porter Jr.'s potential

Porter Jr. has already impressed since coming into the NBA in 2018. Not just because he has developed into a two-way wing, but also because he appears to have gotten past the medical red flags that hurt his draft stock. One can't help wonder if there's more to his game than what we've seen.

Porter is only 25 years old and is currently third in the Nuggets' scoring pecking order, though it's debateable if he's their third best player. Put him on the Kings, and he's... still third in the scoring pecking order, but without question, he'd also be their third best player. The Kings have an excellent duo in De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis, and Porter could easily slide in as a suitable No. 3.

There's no way of telling if Porter's role would change all that much in Sacramento, but it would be worth giving it a shot to see if he could take some of the scoring burden off Fox and Sabonis. If he can, who's to say Porter couldn't turn into another star?

This could be a rare opportunity for the Sacramento Kings to upgrade for cheap

Keep in mind that, at the moment, Porter Jr. doesn't appear to be available for trade, per DNVR Sports' Harrison Wind.

But then again, things can change. While the Nuggets are title contenders, they have to think about what's the smartest route going forward. Porter Jr. has proven himself valuable for the Nuggets, but is he valuable enough to justify what Denver will pay him going forward?

If they decide no, this becomes a rare opportunity for the Kings to pounce on. They may not be among the best trade partners for Porter Jr.'s services, but given his skillset and what the Kings hope to do, it would be their chance to get someone of his caliber for cheap.

The Nuggets lost because of their lack of versatility outside of their starting five. For all the good Porter Jr. brings, his contract could be argued as a financial black hole. Guys like Huerter and Barnes are downgrades, but with how good Denver is at the very top, those are passable downgrades while maintaining cap flexibility at the same time.

If it doesn't cost that many assets, and if Denver truly wants to have their cake and eat it when it comes to staying a contender while staying financially flexible, getting someone like Porter Jr. might be worth the risk.