Ranking every Kings player by trade likelihood

Los Angeles Lakers v Sacramento Kings
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4. Kessler Edwards

Kessler Edwards has great potential as a wing defender, something the Kings desperately need, but he has barely played all season. When given the opportunity to be on the court, like in the Kings’ win in Minnesota, he played well, however. 

A fresh start with a team that can give him minutes to develop might be just what he needs. Thus, teams might like to get him in return for whatever (star) player they are letting go. 

On the other hand, he is in the last year of his contract, though, so whichever team he lands with would have to re-sign him. That could hurt his value, but he is not a bad player to have around for a team that is not trying to win. Everyone needs long, defensive-minded wings, and giving Edwards a chance is a low-risk move for some of the bottom teams in the league.

3. Kevin Huerter

Kevin Huerter got off to a slow start this season, struggling with his shot and the new focus on defense. He has had some good games since then but altogether his minutes and shot attempts are down. 

A lot of times, Coach Brown has opted to go with Malik Monk or even Keon Ellis in his place. Over his career, Huerter has always been solid, though, and that doesn’t just disappear. He will figure it out eventually, but he is still one of the most likely Kings to be traded. 

Just salary-wise, it would be difficult to not include him in any big deal that might come around. Plus, he is the easiest of the Kings’ starters to replace, and every team would love to get a starting-level sharpshooter in return for whatever high-impact player might send out. 

Huerter’s offense has been crucial to the Kings’ success, however, so if he is traded, it has to be in the right deal.