Ranking every Kings player by trade likelihood

Los Angeles Lakers v Sacramento Kings
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10. Sasha Vezenkov

Even though he is already 28, Sasha Vezenkov is just starting his NBA career. Not unsurprisingly, the former EuroLeague MVP is still finding his footing, but he quickly played his way into Mike Brown’s rotation. 

Vezenkov moves well without the ball, has a lightning-quick release, and battles on the board as well as defensively. The Kings believe he can be a high-impact rotation player, suggesting that they won’t give him up after barely a season of seeing what he can do.

Plus, Vezenkov is still relatively unknown across the league, so other teams might not ask for him or be as interested as in other players.

9. Trey Lyles

Trey Lyles missed a lot of time to start the season, but since he returned to the lineup, his impact off the bench has been felt. He averaged the seventh-most minutes for the Kings and is incredibly important due to his versatility. 

As a floor-stretching big, Lyles can play next to any of the three traditional Centers while also giving Mike Brown the option to go small. With Alex Len out and JaVale McGee losing some of Mike Brown’s trust, that has been incredibly valuable. 

Lyles has value, and other teams would surely be interested in him, but if there’s a way to not trade Lyles, the Kings will likely keep him.