Plotting the dream offseason for the Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings v Denver Nuggets
Sacramento Kings v Denver Nuggets / Alysa Rubin/Clarkson Creative/GettyImages
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The Kings still need a good wing defender who can start 

Harrison Barnes has played much better as of late, but the Kings’ defensive concerns are still real. It is tough to have Keegan Murray be your only effective wing defender playing significant minutes while also asking him to develop offensively. That double responsibility seems to wear on him, as his shot just hasn’t been the same this season. 

The Kings were linked to several wings or forwards who could help out their defense at the trade deadline, but no deal materialized. Mikal Bridges and Jerami Grant were not on the trade market, Kyle Kuzma apparently didn’t want to leave Washington, and Dorian Finney-Smith wasn’t moved either. 

So, the same priority should shape the Kings’ offseason. Starting level 3-and-D wings are not easy to get because once teams have them, they don’t like to let go. That shouldn’t deter the Kings’ front office, however. This starting lineup needs more defense to survive in a Western Conference filled with star scorers. 

If Bridges isn’t available, maybe the Kings can convince the Nets to move Cameron Johnson. He’s a good three-point shooter and defender who doesn’t need too many touches to positively impact games. The Kings might have to get creative to get a deal for a 3-and-D wing done but in the offseason of our dreams, they do it.