Lakers' head coach search will affect Mike Brown's next contract with Sacramento Kings: Insider

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings
Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

There's no denying what Mike Brown's efforts have meant to the Sacramento Kings. He guided them to their first playoff appearance since 2006. Better yet, even if they didn't return to the postseason, their results this season showed that 2023 was no fluke.

With the success they've had with Brown calling the shots, the Kings also have to think about Brown's long-term future with the team. The Kings have had a nasty history of letting solid coaches leave before they should have, like Mike Malone and Dave Joerger. With Mike Brown, that shouldn't be the case, knowing the heights he's taken them.

The Lakers next head coaching hire will influence Mike Brown's price tag

Certain factors will be at play for the Kings when they negotiate their next deal with Brown. Per Yahoo Sports' Jake Fischer, the salary of the Lakers' next head coach will affect Brown's price tag for his next deal.

"The outcome of the Lakers’ process, and the rest of this unfolding coaching cycle — which has already included paydays for Jason Kidd and new Suns head coach Mike Budenholzer — will also provide added context for Mike Brown’s contract extension conversations in Sacramento," Fischer wrote.

Fischer also outlined what kind of contract Brown could get from the Kings.

"With Brown’s Coach of the Year credentials and the new benchmarks for coaching salaries after Monty Williams landed $70-plus million from Detroit and (Mike) Budenholzer’s recent $10 million average annual salary, Brown’s talks are expected to center around a similar eight-figure threshold as well."

Williams' contract was influenced by his success in Phoenix, though in hindsight, it hasn't looked like a good decision on Detroit's end. Budenholzer is a championship-winning head coach. Brown has been to the NBA Finals as head coach, but that dates all the way back to 2007.

On the one hand, that may sound lucrative for someone who has guided the Kings to the first round of the postseason. On the other hand, there's a fair case that this is simply the beginning of a new era in Sacramento, and more successful times lie ahead for them as they put their trust in Brown.

Now, of course, they have to play their cards right, like maybe hiring Darvin Ham to Brown's staff, but the Kings have something on their hands, and Brown's role in their recent success shouldn't be overlooked. He'll have to prove it first, but all indcations are that he's been worth the investment.