Interesting Kings’ trade target reportedly available for insane price

Washington Wizards v Sacramento Kings
Washington Wizards v Sacramento Kings / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Despite some inconsistencies and struggles from individual players, the Kings are doing fine. Off to a 21-13 record so far, they have already beaten some of the best teams in the league, like the Thunder, the Nuggets, and the Timberwolves.

Nevertheless, they are not a title contender yet. They still need some pieces to make the next jump from playoff team to true contender. The perfect piece would have been OG Anunoby, but the New York Knicks moved faster and landed him. 

With Anunoby gone, trade talks about Pascal Siakam increased, and the Kings were one of the favorites to land the forward. Shams Charania reported that the Kings are pulling out of trade talks concerning Siakam, however. 

There could be several reasons for that, like the Raptors’ asking price or Siakam’s expiring contract. Even with the two Raptors off the table, the Kings are still expected to make a big move either by the trade deadline or over the summer. 

An interesting trade target is now reportedly available.

The Wizards are reportedly looking for a big deal for Kyle Kuzma

Kyle Kuzma has great size, rebounds well, can create his own shot, and is a solid defender when locked in. With the right buy-in and commitment, he could be a great fit for the Kings.

Actually, the Kings were already interested in him over the summer. Kuzma decided to re-sign with the Wizards, however, and is now part of one of the worst teams in the league. At first, it seemed that the Wizards wanted to retool around Kuzma and Jordan Poole rather than rebuild from scratch after moving on from Bradley Beal and Kristaps Porzingis. That is obviously not working out.

As a result, the Wizards now seem open to trading Kuzma, which both Yahoo Sports and Bleacher Report suggested. Many teams are apparently interested in Siakam’s talent, but trading for him would be risky since he is in the last year of his contract. 

Kuzma could be a Plan B for teams that need that type of player but don’t want to go all in for someone who might just walk away at the end of the season. The Kings seem to be one of those teams but the asking price for Kuzma appears to be incredibly high. 

Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fisher reported, “The Wizards hope to receive multiple first-round picks for Kuzma, with the goal of receiving maximum draft capital for other players down the roster as well.”

That would be an expensive trade for a player who is currently putting up empty numbers on a six-win team. He could be a difference-maker for the Kings and is on a good deal, however. 

If the Kings believe that he will be locked in defensively and okay with not being a top-two option offensively, negotiations with the Wizards would still be interesting.