6 Best-case scenarios for the Kings after Malik Monk injury 

Sacramento Kings v Philadelphia 76ers
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1. Malik Monk feels like he has unfinished business in Sacramento 

We have already gone over the importance of Malik Monk to this team, which is exactly why every Sacramento Kings fan is fearing his upcoming free agency. Monk has really revived his career in Sacramento and is due a big pay raise this summer. 

The Kings can give him a raise, but other teams could offer him more if they wanted to. This will be one of the biggest decisions of Monk’s NBA career and it will have huge implications for the Kings’ future. Replacing Monk won’t be easy, especially considering that the team also ideally needs to add some high-level 3-and-D players. 

Monk loves Sacramento. He has said that several times before and mentioned in a recent interview with The Athletic that he would love to be back. In the same interview, he also said that what the Kings do in the postseason would impact his decision. 

Ironically, his injury might be what prevents the Kings from putting together a successful postseason. If that is the case, two things could happen. Monk could either decide to pack his bags and sign with a team like Orlando, or he could decide that his injury ended what could have been a good run too early and that he has unfinished business in Sacramento. 

The latter would obviously be the best-case scenario for the Kings, who would love to make Monk a part of the core for the next couple of years.