6 Best-case scenarios for the Kings after Malik Monk injury 

Sacramento Kings v Philadelphia 76ers
Sacramento Kings v Philadelphia 76ers / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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2. The Lakers beat the Warriors in the 9 vs. 10 play-in game

If the Kings do not get huge performances from De’Aaron Fox or Keegan Murray to carry them to the playoffs and also do not beat the Suns in the first Play-In Tournament game, the season is not over yet. They will get to play another game against the winner of the 9 vs. 10 matchup. 

Currently, that would be the Lakers against the Warriors. That is a huge play-in game, featuring LeBron James and Stephen Curry who are some of the biggest stars of their generation. Facing either one while they are trying to carry their team to the playoffs is not a pleasant thought. 

There is a lesser evil, however, and that would be the Lakers. The Kings have struggled with Curry and the Warriors forever, and after being knocked out of the playoffs by Curry, there might also be a mental component to it. They have dominated the Lakers this season, however. 

Domantas Sabonis has Anthony Davis’ number, and the Lakers struggle to guard De’Aaron Fox. If they had the choice, the Kings certainly would rather see the Lakers than the Warriors in the Play-In Tournament, especially with the playoffs on the line. 

The Lakers cannot afford to miss the playoffs simply because of James’ presence, but the Kings also have a lot riding on a trip to the playoffs. Sacramento still owes the Atlanta Hawks a top-fourteen-protected first-round pick and desperately wants that to convey this year so they can use their other picks to make some moves over the summer.