6 Best-case scenarios for the Kings after Malik Monk injury 

Sacramento Kings v Philadelphia 76ers
Sacramento Kings v Philadelphia 76ers / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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4. De’Aaron Fox plays like a superstar in the postseason

De’Aaron Fox can score. We all know that. He is one of the fastest players in the league, can beat defenders off the dribble, and gets to the rim. Now, he has also added a solid three-point shot to his arsenal. 

Fox can take over a game if he wants to. We have seen him do it before, and we have also seen him step up in some of the biggest moments. In last year’s playoffs, he scored more than 25 points in four out of seven games. 

During this final stretch of the season, the Kings need Fox to have big scoring performances more than ever. When the team is healthy, Fox, Domantas Sabonis, and Malik Monk can divide the main scoring burden while Kevin Huerter, Keegan Murray, and Trey Lyles all add some threes to the mix. 

Now, they are without two of those players, and it is time for the stars to play like stars. Sabonis is a big part of the Kings’ offense, but he is not the type of player who will go out and take over a game. Fox is, and a superstar performance from him might be the only way the Kings can beat the Suns in the 7 vs. 8 matchup or stand a chance in a playoff series against one of the best teams in the West.