4 win-now trade targets if the Kings want to go all-in

Toronto Raptors v Sacramento Kings
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3. Dorian Finney-Smith 

The Brooklyn Nets are in a weird spot right now. They got quite the haul in the aftermath of the Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant trades, including Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Dorian Finney-Smith. 

Bridges has been playing well as the number one option on the team but it doesn’t seem sustainable. The Nets have no clear-cut star, but they are also not in a horrible situation. With an 11-9 record, they are sitting in ninth place in the East right now. 

They are not a sure playoff team, but they are also not bad enough to get a draft pick, and it is not sure where they want to go yet. Until that is decided, it might be tough to get them to agree to a trade. Dorian Finney-Smith would be a great fit for the Kings, however.

Scoring-wise his contributions resemble those of Harrison Barnes but he is shooting better from three this season, grabs more rebounds, and is a better defender. He can play the four as well as the small-ball five, defend bigs and wings alike, and seems okay with not being one of the main guys offensively. 

Finney-Smith could very well be the missing piece for the Kings if the Nets ever decide to part ways with him. Whenever that will be, he won’t come cheap, however.