4 Stars the Sacramento Kings could pursue via trade this offseason

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Dejounte Murray - Sacramento Kings

Murray does not have the same profile that the previously mentioned stars do, but he has made an All-Star team, and there is a scenario where he would fit with what the Kings would do. Much like Davis, he has a reputation for his defensive prowess.

He is at his best when he has the ball in his hands, yes. That's played a part in why the Murray-Trae Young era has been downright disastrous, knowing what their expectations were. Part of that is because of how heliocentric Young is. Sadly, Fox had a higher usage during the 2023-24 season than Young did, despite the latter's reputation, per NBA.com.

On the one hand, this could be the personification of Arrested Development's "It didn't work for them... But it might work for us" meme. However, Murray would make the Kings a little more dynamic. He is another playmaker who could run things when Fox is on the bench. He doesn't demand the same attention the others do, but it's not like the Kings would ask him to.

Better yet, since the Hawks may or may not blow up their squad, it's feasible for the Kings to get Murray without costing them much. Barnes and Huerter would likely be part of the package, but Murray could help the Kings not only make the playoffs, but also be the team no one wants to face.