4 Sacramento Kings lineups that have been killing it defensively lately 

Sacramento Kings v Orlando Magic
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2. Harrison Barnes, Domantas Sabonis, Malik Monk, Davion Mitchell, Keon Ellis

This is another iteration of Mike Brown’s three-guard lineup experiment, and it has been killing defensively lately. Keon Ellis and Davion Mitchell are, not surprisingly, the backbone of that defensive success. 

They play very different styles of defense. Ellis uses his length, instincts, and quick hands, while Mitchell is physical, leads with his chest, and relies on his lateral quickness. The one thing they have in common, however, is that both have incredible potential as defenders in this league. 

Earlier this season, it was either Ellis or Mitchell. Playing both was not an option because it sacrificed too much on the offensive end and made things too easy on opposing defenses. Lately, they have both been making their shots and contributing offensively, however. No one expects either one of them to go off for 15 to 20 points every game. The Kings have other guys to do that, and what Ellis and Mitchell have to do consistently is knock down open threes and go for the occasional two. 

Both have been rather successful with that lately and it has allowed Brown to play them together. It has been a real game-changer because they can form a great defensive duo. 

In this lineup, it is not just them, though. Malik Monk has been trying defensively lately, Domantas Sabonis contributes by crashing the glass, and Harrison Barnes just knows where to be as a team defender. He may not be the same defender he used to be anymore, but he still has the awareness and basketball IQ to be in the right spot. 

Hopefully, Ellis and Mitchell can keep it going offensively, so we can see more of this lineup and the two of them wreaking havoc defensively together. It might be a little too risky in the postseason as Malik Monk is the only one of them who has had big offensive games in the playoffs as a King, but it could help get the team there.