4 Non-star trade targets that could help the Sacramento Kings 

Sacramento Kings v Portland Trail Blazers
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3. Dennis Schröder

Dennis Schröder is another guard who can do exactly what the Kings need. He can get buckets, create for others, and hound opposing guards on defense.

The fit might not be as good as with Caruso as Schröder is more ball-dominant and not very happy to come off the bench, but he might be a little easier to get. Toronto wants to retool around Scottie Barnes, Immanuel Quickley, and RJ Barrett with other young players. 

At 30, Schröder does not fit that timeline. On the Sacramento Kings, he would be one of the older players but still much closer in age than on the Raptors. Plus, the Kings have a young defensive-minded point guard to offer who might just need a fresh start to reach his full potential and should thus be of interest to Toronto. 

Davion Mitchell fits the Raptors’ timeline much better than Schröder and could grow into a solid two-way guard surrounded by other young players on a team under no pressure to make a deep playoff run. 

Meanwhile, Schröder could run the Kings’ second unit, provide scoring, and some much-needed tenacity on defense. Furthermore, it would give him a chance to contribute to a contender rather than playing on a young team that will inevitably have some growing pains along the way.