3 X Factors in the Sacramento Kings’ first Play-In Tournament game 

The biggest game of the Kings’ season is almost here.
Sacramento Kings v Golden State Warriors
Sacramento Kings v Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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1. Trayce Jackson-Davis

The Kings have not seen much of the Warriors’ rookie this season, but he has been good for them lately. Taking over for Kevon Looney in the starting lineup, he gives the Warriors some more athleticism and rim protection that the Kings might struggle with. 

In last season’s playoffs, Domantas Sabonis struggled with Kevon Looney, but by now, the Kings are very familiar with his game. Jackson-Davis, on the other hand, is a completely new presence in the paint. Posing a more athletic defensive threat, he can affect many shots around the rim and might do the same against Sabonis. 

If he succeeds, it might be a problem for the Kings because Sabonis struggles to score from anywhere else. On the other hand, we have seen Sabonis bully several young, inexperienced bigs this season, which is exactly why the Warriors might put Draymond Green on him and use Jackson-Davis as more of a roamer and help defender. 

In theory, the rookie could be a secret weapon for the Warriors, much like Keon Ellis could be for the Kings, but he will have to prove that he can do it. This will be his first postseason game in the NBA, and the seriousness of the moment has thrown several young players before him off their game. The Kings cannot bet on that, however, which makes him one of the X factors in this game.