3 Trade deadline targets for the Kings and what they would cost

Sacramento Kings v Washington Wizards
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1. Kyle Kuzma

The Kings have been interested in Kyle Kuzma for quite some time now. They already tried to sign him over the summer, but Kuzma elected to stay in Washington instead. Now, as the trade deadline is getting uncomfortably close, the Kings are still interested.

Kuzma can get his own shot and be an offensive threat, but he is also a good rebounder and has solid size on defense. If he is locked in, committed to playing defense, running the floor, and crashing the glass, and okay with not being the first or second option on the team, he would be a great fit. 

Buy-in is the one question mark in this equation. Kuzma decided to go back to a losing Wizards team where he could be a top option instead of signing with a contender after all. To be fair, maybe he didn’t think the team would be quite as bad as they are. Jordan Poole and Tyus Jones were both impactful players on good teams before coming to Washington. 

When the Wizards first acknowledged the possibility of moving Kuzma, the asking price was reportedly set at two first-round picks better than the ones the Raptors got for Siakam. That’s a steep price for someone who might not want to play the role Sacramento has to offer. 

For the Wizards, it makes sense, however. They are not a good team and need picks and young players to further their rebuild. Kuzma is the player promising to bring back the biggest return, and they want to milk that. 

By now, The Athletic’s David Aldridge and Josh Robbins have reported that the price was “overblown” and the Wizards might move Kuzma for assets “somewhere in the middle”. So, the Kings could maybe send out young players they can’t give developmental minutes to anyway and save some draft assets if they really want to get Kuzma. 

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