3 Trade deadline targets for the Kings and what they would cost

Sacramento Kings v Washington Wizards
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2. Alex Caruso 

Davion Mitchell has recently reclaimed his spot in the rotation, but offensively, he is still not a very impactful player in the Kings’ system. He averages less than 2 assists per game, and the team relies heavily on De’Aaron Fox and Malik Monk to carry the point guard responsibilities. 

If one of them is out, that could cause some real problems. Thus, the Kings could really use another defensive-minded guard who can fit into any lineup and have a continuous impact. 

Alex Caruso fits that job description perfectly. He brings defensive activity much like Mitchell’s but is a more experienced player and a better three-point shooter. Mike Brown could trust him to come in and make winning plays every game. 

The Kings are still a rather young team, and most players have little playoff experience at this point. Youth, energy, and athleticism are important in today’s NBA, but to win at the highest level, you need poise and experience. Caruso is an NBA champion and knows exactly what he needs to do to help a team win.

Unfortunately, that is well-known around the league, and pretty much every team values Caruso’s skill set just as much as the Kings, including the Bulls. Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fisher liked Alex Caruso for the Bucks and noted, “Chicago has indicated the Bulls would need multiple first-round picks to even consider parting with Caruso, according to league sources.”

That price won’t change if it’s the Kings calling instead, making this a costly endeavor.