3 Trade deadline targets for the Kings and what they would cost

Sacramento Kings v Washington Wizards
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February is here, which means that the NBA Trade Deadline is coming close. The Kings’ desire to improve their roster has been reported all season long. 

They need more defense and size and maybe another ball handler who can play meaningful minutes. Time is running out to make a move during the season, so Kings fans should expect to hear some trade news soon. It is unlikely that the Kings will be as quiet as they were last year when they only got Kessler Edwards from the Nets.

So, let’s look at three trade deadline targets for the Kings and what it would cost to get them.

3. Dorian Finney-Smith

Dorian Finney-Smith would solve many of the Kings’ problems. He defends well against other forwards, knows how to play his role well, and shoots over 38 percent from three. 

Adding him to the mix would massively boost the Kings’ depth at the forward position, especially if Harrison Barnes is not a part of the deal. Every team needs 3-and-D players, but especially the Kings. 

Keegan Murray is currently their best defender on the perimeter. He can’t be everywhere all at once, however, and the Kings still struggle to defend bigger players. Plus, he is only in his second season. Murray needs some help, and Finney-Smith could provide that. 

He could do the same thing for several other teams wanting to make some noise in the playoffs, however, and the Nets are in no real rush to trade him. Thus, the asking price is quite steep, and the Nets would reportedly like the equivalent of two first-round picks.