3 Trade deadline moves that would boost the Kings, 2 they must avoid

Washington Wizards v Sacramento Kings
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Trading for Bruce Brown would boost the Kings’ bench

Last season, Bruce Brown was a key piece on Denver’s championship team. He is exactly the kind of player the Kings could use on their supporting cast. 

Brown is a good defender, solid rebounder, and passer, and scores efficiently on few shot attempts. He does a little bit of everything and knows how to play his role to perfection. 

His one significant shortcoming is the lack of a reliable three-point shot. Thus, he would not necessarily be a good choice to replace any of the Kings’ starters, but he could be great off the bench. 

Malik Monk, Trey Lyles, and Sasha Vezenkov are all good three-point shooters on the Kings’ bench. What that unit needs is a tough defender, someone Mike Brown can throw into the game to shut someone’s water off and trust more than he trusts Davion Mitchell. 

Bruce Brown would be a great fit to fill that role. Plus, he might actually be available. He came to Toronto as a part of the Siakam trade and has played three games in a Raptors’ uniform so far. If they could get assets for their rebuild in return, the Raptors probably wouldn’t mind moving Brown.