3 Reasons Keon Ellis deserves a standard NBA contract

Washington Wizards v Sacramento Kings
Washington Wizards v Sacramento Kings / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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1. He always competes

The Kings have already won some very competitive games this season, but when they lose, they lose badly. Sometimes, it seems that the fight just leaves them, and they accept the loss too early. 

That is not what great teams do and the Kings still have to work on it as a team. Keon Ellis, for one, is a fighter, though. He first broke into the rotation after a blowout loss in Houston. 

No one wanted to fight a losing battle, but Ellis seized the opportunity and competed, scoring 15 points in 14 minutes. He was playing for a shot at consistent NBA minutes and maybe even a standard NBA contract. 

That has not changed since then. Even with consistent rotational minutes, he is still fighting for the latter and a chance to get his NBA career going without stints in the G League. 

Ellis plays with good energy, still having lots to prove, and every team needs a fighter like that. Even if the Kings gave him a standard NBA contract, that shouldn’t change anything about his mindset. 

Contracts can end abruptly for players who haven’t established themselves in the league yet. Getting a standard contract is only the second step in Ellis’ battle for a nice NBA career.