3 Reasons Keon Ellis deserves a standard NBA contract

Washington Wizards v Sacramento Kings
Washington Wizards v Sacramento Kings / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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2. He is very active defensively

The Kings are not a good defensive team. They currently rank 21st in the league and especially struggle to guard big, physical wings. Ever since training camp started, Mike Brown has been putting an emphasis on defense, challenging everyone to step up and be physical. 

So far, not many players have answered his call. De’Aaron Fox is solid when guarding other point guards, not backing down from any challenge, and still getting better. Keegan Murray has the length to bother pretty much anyone on defense, and over the span of just one summer, he developed into a real two-way threat. 

Other than that, it is looking rather bleak. Mitchell didn't play the way Coach Brown wanted him to and fell out of the rotation, and Kessler Edwards rarely gets any minutes. With that, two of the Kings’ best defensive prospects are glued to the bench. 

Keon Ellis is very active defensively, however, and the Kings need that. He battles over screens, he doesn’t take possessions off, and he has great hands. Before the latest game against Minnesota, he had a steal in each of the previous five games.

Over his 21 games played, he recorded a total of 13 steals and 10 blocks. This is great activity for an inexperienced player and can only get better with time.