3 Newly-available trade targets Kings should have on their radar after December 15

Phoenix Suns v Sacramento Kings
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2. Jevon Carter

The Kings’ weakest spot is on the wing, but they also don’t have a true backup point guard. Davion Mitchell is barely playing, Malik Monk is a scoring guard more than anything, and Keon Ellis is still rather inexperienced. 

Monk has grown immensely as a playmaker, and, a lot of times, putting the ball in his hands in the second unit is the right move. When De’Aaron Fox was out earlier in the season, the lack of a true backup became apparent, however. 

Jevon Carter is not a difference-maker. He is not a high-level scorer or a great playmaker, but he can run in the point in limited minutes, and with Monk and Sabonis on the team, the latter is not a huge issue. 

Plus, Carter is a good on-ball defender. So is Mitchell, but Mike Brown clearly doesn’t like his effort or energy on the court. Carter was a late second-round pick in 2018 and had to work hard for his spot in the league. 

He won’t be playing 20 minutes every night, but you can be sure he will be ready when his number is called, and compete. This is certainly not the trade to push the Kings to the next level, but it could be a low-risk move if no big fish is available.