3 Kings who need to step up so Sacramento can survive injuries to key players 

Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings
Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages
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1. Chris Duarte

Chris Duarte has been in and out of the rotation all season long, but he has generally been ready when his number has been called. With all these injuries, minutes on the wing will open up for him, and he will have to produce for the Kings to survive this stretch.

The Kings got Duarte with the hopes of developing him into a 3-and-D wing and he has shown flashes. Early in the season, he looked rushed and sort of out of control, but lately, he has looked more poised on the court. 

Mike Brown went with him for 18 minutes against Memphis, and Duarte was solid for the most part. He hit two threes and defended but also dribbled toward the halfcourt line with a double coming at him, forcing Brown to take a timeout. 

Everyone makes mistakes, especially a player who has been sitting on the bench for several games this season, but Duarte will have to be locked in now. The Kings do not want to fight their way through the Play-In Tournament. To avoid it, they will need contributions from everyone on the court down the stretch. 

For Duarte, that means hitting open shots and playing physical defense whenever Coach Brown calls upon him in the wake of these injuries. This is not only a chance for Duarte to help his team but also to help secure his future in the league.