3 Kings that earned untouchable status, 2 that should be cut loose 

Sacramento Kings v New Orleans Pelicans
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Chris Duarte should be cut loose

The Kings got Chris Duarte in a rather low-risk move from the Pacers last summer, but it is just not a good fit. After showing promise early in the season and being a candidate to take Kevin Huerter’s starting spot, Duarte fell out of the rotation quickly. He looked out of control, fouled too much, and struggled to make shots. 

Getting him was worth a try, but it turned out to be a swing and a miss. Nevertheless, he will still make almost $6 million next season, and the Kings could benefit from moving off of his deal. While it is not unreasonable, it is a lot for someone who likely won’t be in the rotation. 

Maybe the Kings could at least get back a second-round pick from a team that has the minutes to give Duarte a chance to develop. He is already an older prospect but just finished his third season in the NBA, and his career has been plagued by injuries. The player he is right now is not the finished product. 

Unfortunately, the Kings do not have the time to mess around with his development and wait. They need real 3-and-D production on the wing now, and giving Duarte another shot is just not good enough.