3 Kings that earned untouchable status, 2 that should be cut loose 

Sacramento Kings v New Orleans Pelicans
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Domantas Sabonis has earned untouchable status

The Kings’ big man has plenty of doubters and haters, who believe that his lack of rim protection and certain offensive limitations are hurting the Kings. Without Domantas Sabonis the Kings never would have returned to the playoffs, however, and the front office obviously believes that they can build a contender around him and De’Aaron Fox. 

Just last summer, they signed him to a big four-year contract extension. For now, he is not going anywhere, as the team tries to retool around its two All-Stars and build a contender in the West. 

Obviously, Sabonis has limitations—everyone does—but his lack of rim protection did not stand in the way of the Kings finally becoming a functioning defensive team, and he can still work on the offense. Overall, he does so much for his teammates, however. His passing and playmaking make the game easier for everyone else on the court and generate plenty of open shots. 

At the same time, he has proven that he can hang with some of the best centers in the league, leading the NBA in rebounding, double-doubles, and triple-doubles. Just like Fox, he will not be going anywhere for now because the Kings view him as a key piece to any future success.