3 Kings that earned untouchable status, 2 that should be cut loose 

Sacramento Kings v New Orleans Pelicans
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Kevin Huerter should be cut loose

Just a year ago, the Kings’ starting five of De’Aaron Fox, Kevin Huerter, Harrison Barnes, Keegan Murray, and Domantas Sabonis was one of the most effective offensive groups in the league. Since then, things have changed. The offense just didn’t click the same, threes didn’t fall at the same rate, and teams figured out how to guard the Kings.

Kevin Huerter did not have a great season. He struggled defensively, and his shot was not falling, but he still had value for the Kings offensively. Just his presence on the court stretched the floor because opponents could not risk him getting hot from three all of a sudden. Besides, we should expect him to look more like his old self next season. 

So, cutting him loose is less a punishment for not playing well and more a matter of money. The Kings need to build a contender now and bringing back the same starting five is not the way to go. They need more size at one of the forward spots, maybe some additional rim protection, and someone who can just go get a bucket. 

All that will have to be done via trades, and Huerter is the Kings’ most valuable player to move. Davion Mitchell played rather well to finish the season, but Huerter is on a much bigger contract and the more proven player. 

Moving Barnes would certainly be an option as well, but the Kings do not have much behind him, so they can only let go of him if they have someone better to take his spot. Huerter is easier to replace, especially since Keon Ellis’ emergence as a promising 3-and-D prospect.