3 Disastrous repercussions if the Sacramento Kings fall to ninth in the West

Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings
Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages
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2. The Kings’ chances of making the playoffs would shrink even more

Since Kevin Huerter underwent season-ending surgery and Malik Monk suffered a bad MCL sprain, the Kings’ playoff odds have been dwindling. That trend will only continue if they fall all the way to ninth in the West. 

As outlined before, it would be incredibly difficult to win two play-in games against star-heavy teams desperate to make the playoffs. Not making it would be a huge blow for Kings fans and players alike, but it is a real possibility that could have serious repercussions for the team’s future. 

On one hand, it is a missed opportunity to get the young core some more playoff experience. On the other hand, it would also impact the Kings’ roster construction in the future. Malik Monk might, for example, decide to leave in free agency if another playoff team, like the Orlando Magic, offers him more money than the Kings. 

That would be a huge loss because the Kings have no one to replace his production, and finding an affordable option in free agency or on the trade market will be difficult. Having to replace Monk would also take away from Sacramento’s options to add a long, athletic, and defensive-minded forward to the mix. 

Besides, missing the playoffs would mean that the top-fourteen protected first-round pick the Kings still owe the Hawks would not convey this year, limiting the draft picks they can send out in any potential trades.