3 Biggest surprises of the Kings’ season heading into All-Star break 

Denver Nuggets v Sacramento Kings
Denver Nuggets v Sacramento Kings / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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1. Domantas Sabonis not making the All-Star team

The first two were pleasant surprises for Kings fans. This one is not. Domantas Sabonis is averaging 19.9 points, 13.2 rebounds, and 8.3 assists per game. 

He has not missed a game yet, leads the NBA in rebounds, triple-doubles, and double-doubles, and ranks sixth in the NBA in assists per game. Sabonis is having a historic season, putting up numbers we haven’t seen since Wilt Chamberlain. 

He has recorded more triple-doubles at this point of the season than reigning Finals MVP Nikola Jokic (even though he passed him after the All-Star voting concluded). The Kings’ big man is truly one of the best centers in the league this season but didn’t make the All-Star team. 

De’Aaron Fox and Sabonis both were deserving, but having two All-Stars in a conference that has as many stars as the West is tough. Sabonis’ case seemed almost foolproof, backed up by numbers and his team’s record. At the time of the voting, the Kings were the only playoff team in either conference to not have an All-Star. Meanwhile, the Lakers, who barely have a winning record and will most likely have to fight their way through the Play-In Tournament to get to the playoffs, got two. 

Kings players and fans are used to the disrespect, but this one was still a surprise, and not just in Sacramento.