2 Kings trade partners that make sense, 2 that don’t

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The Brooklyn Nets make sense

After moving on from Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in two blockbuster deals, the Nets have plenty of players who could make a difference for the Kings. Dorian Finney-Smith, Cameron Johnson, and Mika Bridges would all be a great fit.

Out of the three, Bridges is the least likely to leave Brooklyn, and Finney-Smith is the most likely. The former Maverick is a good defender, shoots over 40 percent on around five three-point attempts per game, and knows how to play his role next to star players. Offensively, Barnes is currently producing a little more than Finney-Smith, but defensively, it would be an improvement, and the Kings could really use that. 

Plus, the Nets are in a weird place. Sitting in ninth place in the East, they are not good enough to have any long-lasting playoff hopes and not bad enough to get a top pick. Moving some of their many wings for further draft compensation and young players could be of interest to fuel their rebuild around Bridges. 

Getting Barnes and Huerter might thus not be the most appealing package for the Nets, but a third team that needs veteran players could get involved as well.