2 Fringe Kings roster players who deserve to return in 2024-25, 1 who doesn’t

Dallas Mavericks v Sacramento Kings
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JaVale McGee does not deserve to return to the Kings

JaVale McGee was the biggest name the Kings signed this offseason. As soon as the Dallas Mavericks waived the big man after a disappointing first season of a three-year contract, the Kings swooped in to get him on board. 

Coach Mike Brown knows McGee from their time together with the Golden State Warriors, and the organization obviously valued the experience and leadership the three-time champion could offer compared to his younger teammates. 

Besides, McGee’s skill set theoretically made him a great fit next to Malik Monk in the second unit. Monk is at his best in the pick and roll, playing with a big who can be a lob threat. Despite being on the wrong side of 30, McGee still has some dunks in him, and the two had some nice moments together this season. 

Overall, it has not gone as planned, however. McGee just didn’t play his best basketball and eventually lost his spot in the rotation to Alex Len. His experience and locker room presence are still valuable, but the Kings need to focus on building a roster that can compete in the West next season. McGee does not really provide anything of use to that mission on the court, and the Kings could use the roster spot for someone younger and potentially more productive.

Considering some of the Kings’ worst losses this season, the leadership element McGee brings doesn’t seem to have too much effect on his teammates, which is not necessarily his fault—it is difficult to hold players accountable if you aren’t even in the rotation—and other than that the big man just hasn’t provided anything warranting a return to Sacramento next season.