2 Fringe Kings roster players who deserve to return in 2024-25, 1 who doesn’t

Dallas Mavericks v Sacramento Kings
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The playoff race is almost over, and with it, the offseason is nearing. Depending on how the Play-In Tournament goes for the Kings, their season might be over soon. At this point, it is extremely unlikely that Sacramento will get to the sixth seed in the West by the end of the regular season, and the Play-In Tournament will be incredibly tough. 

So, it is never too early to think about offseason moves. The Kings still have a lot of work to do to transform the current roster into a contending team in the incredibly strong Western Conference. Tough decisions will have to be made from Malik Monk’s free agency to big trades potentially moving some of the starters. 

Some decisions are easier to make, however. So, let’s look at two fringe roster players who deserve to return in 2024-25 and one who doesn’t. 

Alex Len deserves to return to the Kings

Alex Len has been with Sacramento since 2021 and signed a new one-year deal with the team last summer. Now, that contract is almost up, and it is time to decide whether to bring him back or not. 

While injuries have impacted his availability, Len has been incredibly steady and reliable whenever he has been able to step onto the court. The big man will not give you giant numbers or any flashy moves, but he does what is asked of him. 

Domantas Sabonis doesn’t spend much time on the bench, but when he does, the Kings need someone to battle on the glass, set good screens, and protect the rim. Len does all that well and earned the spot of the backup big over JaVale McGee unless Mike Brown decides to go small with Trey Lyles at the five. 

Averaging only around 9 minutes per game and having to battle for a spot in the rotation every time he steps onto the court, Len is definitely on the fringes of Coach Brown’s rotation. He is the kind of player every coach likes to have in that spot, however. Len always stays ready and knows how to play his role well when his number is called. 

Plus, bringing him back would not be expensive.