Kings trade pick 24 and Richaun Holmes: Instant reaction and analysis

Richaun Holmes, Sacramento Kings. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Richaun Holmes, Sacramento Kings. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports /

Amid a busy 2023 NBA Draft night, the Sacramento Kings are looking to the trade block. While we have been trying to predict who the Kings will draft with the 24th overall pick, the Sacramento Kings decided to trade the pick away in a shocking deal.

The Sacramento Kings have traded away the 24th overall pick and Richaun Holmes to the Dallas Mavericks.

With the 24th overall pick, the Dallas Mavericks drafted Olivier-Maxence Prosper, an electric forward out of Marquette. The talented 6’7″ wing was toward the top of our draft board for the Kings, as he is an explosive player with elite athleticism. Prosper is a very intriguing prospect in this class with a high upside and elite two-way potential after a breakout season at Marquette.

While the Sacramento Kings do not get any picks or players in return, the Dallas Mavericks used their Traded Player Exception, which saves the Kings money.

The Sacramento Kings made this move for multiple reasons: One, their desired prospects were off the board. With Kris Murray going 23rd overall and Noah Clowney going 21st overall, the Sacramento Kings might have gotten unlucky tonight. Two, they are gearing up for free agency signing. By acquiring a TPE worth about $17 million, the Kings are making this move with free agency in mind.

The Sacramento Kings might have traded away their first-round pick, but we trust GM Monte McNair to have a good idea of what he is doing. If the desired prospect was not on the board, then there is no reason to select a player they did not want.

While it would have been exciting to see Kris Murray team up with his twin brother Keegan, that is now a fantasy, and we can only talk about “what if?”

Richaun Holmes was a big piece of the Kings’ rotation his first three years in Sacramento, and it was disappointing to see his minutes decrease in his fourth season. But, due to this decrease in playing time, we all saw the trade coming. He is exactly what the Dallas Mavericks needed, as they have had a successful draft night acquiring Dereck Lively II, Olivier-Maxence Prosper, and Richaun Holmes. They are doing their job in building their frontcourt depth, especially assuming Christian Wood does not return.