Kings De’Aaron Fox not making all-star game is embarrassing

De'Aaron Fox #5 of the Sacramento Kings. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
De'Aaron Fox #5 of the Sacramento Kings. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

The Sacramento Kings had a legitimate opportunity to have two players make the NBA all-star game this season. Both De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis came into Thursday night (when reserves were to be announced) with very real cases for deserving spots in the all-star game.

One of them got their well-earned spot (Sabonis). The other, not only got snubbed from making his first career all-star game but got snubbed to the point that it should be something the league is embarrassed about.

That’s right. It’s more than the typical snub that is bound to happen every season. This year, the league should be embarrassed at how far from reality they have allowed their all-star selecting to get. This isn’t a vote on the best players from the best teams.

In fact, Fox being snubbed proves how little team success matters. He is one of the most worthy candidates this year and the NBA has allowed him to fail to get a spot in the game despite his season’s work and his team’s success because of it.

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Kings De’Aaron Fox not making all-star game is embarrassing

If you haven’t been on social media since the snub, it’s not just us at A Royal Pain that have noticed. Here are a few reactions from around the league.

As Kevin O’Connor points out, this is the voting of NBA coaches around the league. That is what the NBA must feel embarrassed about.

For years, the fan voting part of the all-star game was slightly embarrassing but it was able to be countered by including players and media to vote in the same pool for starters. This would allow nothing absolutely wild to happen.

Popularity contest voting seems to have now trickled into the coaches voting for reserves. That isn’t to bash any coaches. It’s simply a fact after seeing they voted Paul George to the all-star game reserves over a player like Fox.

Fox is having a career season and is currently the best player in the entire NBA in the clutch. Not only that, but he’s doing it for a team that is battling at the top of the western conference.

There is no way around it. The NBA should be embarrassed for snubbing De’Aaron Fox like this.

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