PJ Dozier capable of making a difference for Sacramento Kings

PJ Dozier (35) Sacramento Kings. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
PJ Dozier (35) Sacramento Kings. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports /

The Sacramento Kings wasted little time taking advantage of their newly open roster spot. On Sunday, word got out that they would be inking guard/forward PJ Dozier to a ten-day contract.

Dozier has significant NBA experience, having played in 105 NBA games so far in his career. He has suited up for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Boston Celtics and most recently, the Denver Nuggets.

At 25 years old, Dozier remaining unsigned this far into the season is surprising to a certain extent. The Kings capitalized on his free-agent

status and are now able to bring him in for the duration of a ten-day contract and use that time to see if and how he could fit on the current roster.

It’s a no-risk, potentially high-reward move by the Kings front office due to the talent and skillset Dozier possesses. If the fit isn’t right on the court or in the locker room, the team can let his ten-day expire and move on with no lost assets. If things work out ideally, Dozier could wind up playing out the rest of the season for the Kings.

How could PJ Dozier could make a difference for the Kings

Many times, players on ten-day deals are much less inspiring than Dozier is. Whether it be a veteran with injury issues or a young talent that can’t put it all together, there is obviously a reason for players to still be available at this point in the season.

Dozier’s proven ability and the Kings somewhat unique situation make this ten-day contract a little bit different than most. How could Dozier wind up being a difference-maker for these Kings?

While he isn’t going to be a starter at any point or produce eye-popping statistics night in and night out, Dozier certainly has an opportunity to carve out a significant role in the Kings rotation.

It all starts with what he can and will do on the defensive end of the court. His size and willingness to defend make him a versatile and strong defensive option. On the Kings, a strong defensive option instantly becomes one of the team’s best defensive options.

If there’s a commitment to taking on the role of defensive stopper, Dozier could force himself into a lot of minutes. We all know the Kings have plenty of offense and bucket-getters, especially with Malik Monk leading the second unit.

That being said, PJ Dozier can play a role on that end of the court as well. He has a well-rounded offensive game that is able to complement the right players very smoothly. The area Dozier does struggle is an area the Kings don’t need him to shine at, which is long-distance shooting.

Everything else, from rebounding to playmaking and finishing, Dozier does at a good enough level to hold his own on the offensive end.

It might be a long shot but it’s not impossible that Dozier ends up being the exact 3-and-D type of wing this current roster desperately needs. The fact that he also rebounds well for his size means he will fit into the Kings small ball lineups they rely heavily on.

Over the next ten days, we will find out for sure, but as of now, there’s optimism that PJ Dozier could be an impactful player that the Kings are desperately searching for.

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