These 4 Sacramento Kings become trade eligible Dec. 15

Malik Monk #0 of the Sacramento Kings. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Malik Monk #0 of the Sacramento Kings. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

In the NBA, the trade speculation and rumors never go completely silent. Even in the slowest of offseason stretches, fans are always speculating about possibilities. Also year-round, the sports world is at risk of having the NBA steal the headlines at any given moment with some sort of trade request or blockbuster deal. Knowing who is eligible to be moved and when they become eligible is crucial for all fans, which is why we’re updating you on the Sacramento Kings roster as we near a crucial NBA date.

On December 15th, a long list of players from around the NBA will become eligible to be traded for the first time this season. Outside of specific exceptions or unique situations, this date applies to free agents that signed with new teams this offseason.

For the Kings, four players on their roster become trade-eligible when the 15th of December rolls around. They won’t be moving any of these players right after the deadline but when they do become trade eligible the Kings gain a lot of flexibility.

Sacramento Kings trade eligible on December 15

  • Malik Monk
  • Matthew Dellavedova
  • Chima Moneke
  • KZ Okpala

Malik Monk is not going to be going anywhere but has to be included in this list for accuracy purposes. He signed with the Kings partially due to his relationship with star point guard De’Aaron Fox and that alone could potentially be enough to keep him in Sacramento.

The fact that he’s playing a crucial role as the teams sixth man and is looking like a great value on his contract makes it that much more of a lock that he will not be traded by the Kings. Much to the delight of all Kings fans, Monk is one of the few players that has absolutely no chance of getting moved anytime soon.

Matthew Dellavedova, Chima Moneke and KZ Okpala are in very different situations. They all really could be included in the right trade at any time. That being said, each player holds significantly less value in any trade for obvious reasons.

Another important note, all three players have contracts that are not fully guaranteed. Still, none of them are significant in terms of cash owed. Due to the lack of standalone value all three players have and the small salaries they are owed, they will only be add ins to any potential trade they are included in.

That still is of value to the Kings when it comes to negotiating trades moving forward. Okpala is young, Moneke has a useful skillset to have on the end of the bench an Delly is a championship winning veteran that could help any team from a rebuilder to a contender.

We know Monk isn’t going anywhere. It’s somewhat unlikely any of the others are dealt. Son’t rule it out, though, as this Sacramento Kings team could really push their chips in as we move closer and closer to the NBA trade deadline.

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