The Sacramento Kings must choose a direction at the trade deadline

Richaun Holmes - Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports
Richaun Holmes - Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports /

With the NBA trade deadline just around the corner, there are a ton of big names that could be on the move this season, including members of the Sacramento Kings. Whether underwhelming teams are shipping their stars or contenders are looking to add some extra help, there is sure to be some fireworks next week.

The Sacramento Kings are one of the teams that are not going to make any noise this season and they have to do something about it. They could ship all of their assets and try to rebuild or they can try to make a splash for a proven star. Either way, they must choose a direction. They cannot continue to tread water at the bottom of the Western Conference.

This trade deadline will be massive for the future of the Sacramento Kings.

If the Kings stay quiet at the trade deadline and intend to go into the offseason with the same roster as they have right now, it will be a massive mistake. Things clearly are not working for them but their young guards have provided some bright spots this season.

They have plenty of assets that can help turn things around over the next season or two if traded for the right pieces. Buddy Hield, Richaun Holmes, Harrison Barnes, and De’Aaron Fox could all be valuable trade chips prior to the deadline if the Kings want to look in a new direction.

They can either trade those pieces for draft picks and/or young players to rebuild through Tyrese Haliburton and Davion Mitchell or they can make a splash for a proven young star like Ben Simmons or Domantas Sabonis.

The asking price of a star is going to be high, likely involving multiple players listed above and draft picks. Sacramento is in line for another rebuild of sorts but they do have the assets to go get a star if they want to eliminate a complete tear down.

Moving players like Buddy Hield for draft picks or salary implications is the type of move that will set the Kings up for a bigger offseason but that is not the only way the Kings can start over. They can pair Buddy and another big name – Marvin Bagley or Richaun Holmes come to mind – to go after a star-caliber player on a bad roster.

Sacramento has done a good job of drafting and developing guards but they need to get better on the perimeter. A player like Brandon Ingram, who has not had success in New Orleans, could be an option if the Kings and Pelicans really want to shake things up.

The most realistic option for the Kings right now would seem to be Domantas Sabonis of the Indiana Pacers as they have had their own struggles in the Eastern Conference. Sabonis is a two-time All-Star at center on a friendly deal and has flashed as one of the league’s premier big men.

Indiana needs to make a move this season after trying for years to make the two-big lineup work. With Sabonis being the highly-touted option, the Pacers could look to swap him for De’Aaron Fox and a first-round pick.

If the Kings indeed do go after a star at the deadline, that would show that they are ready to build around Haliburton and that new star with the goal of reaching the playoffs next season. They would finally be going for the home run swing and capitilizing on the top of their roster, albeit by trading them for more pieces.

On the other hand, the Kings could just give up on this season and look to attack the next crop of players during the offseason. Trading Buddy Hield and Harrison Barnes for draft picks and cap fillers would clear cap space for the offseason while also adding ammo through the draft.

The 2022 NBA Draft appears to be loaded with talent and the Kings would benefit from targeting the front court players that sit atop the draft boards right now. Now that they have their guards in place, Sacramento can work on filling out the rest of the roster.

Whatever the case, the Kings simply cannot sit back and let the deadline pass without a deal. They can’t afford to let another season pass by the wayside as they stick with a middling roster and without getting the most out of their aging veterans. They have to be aggressive at the deadline.

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