Sacramento Kings and De’Aaron Fox could be heading toward an ugly departure

Sacramento Kings - De'Aaron Fox, Lauri Markkanen (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Sacramento Kings - De'Aaron Fox, Lauri Markkanen (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

After some alarming comments this week, it appears De’Aaron Fox and the Sacramento Kings have a lot of work to do in order to fix a deteriorating relationship. Fox, a young star at the center of trade talks, has voiced his displeasure with the team’s struggles lately.

While I do not disagree with Fox, speaking publicly about losing is never handled well by fans and the media and that will certainly continue to stir the pot as the Kings near the trade deadline.

De’Aaron Fox wasn’t wrong but the Sacramento Kings are now in a tough spot.

Fox went off on a tangent this week to express his frustration with the Kings’ losing record once again. I’m not sure many folks who follow the NBA would disagree with what Fox said following the team’s loss but publicly criticizing teammates is not the best move for Fox.

Not only did Fox mention the lack of being sharp, but he also threw his coaches under the bus indirectly, which is understandable. After all, Luke Walton was fired early in the season as just another example of the Kings failing to find a leader.

He used the Raptors as an example of a technically sound team that plays well as a unit.

"“There’s no one [on Toronto’s bench] that is just going to go out there and get a bucket but everything they do is quick, sharp, [and] to the point.”"

Sacramento desperately needs to get back into the playoffs and has been rumored to be in trade discussions with several teams around the league. If they are planning on going after a star, De’Aaron Fox could be dangled in a package to help bring in Domantas Sabonis, Jaylen Brown, or Ben Simmons.

If Fox wants to win, he may need to be shipped off to a franchise that can do just that. The Kings, however, would be silly to part with their star that just recently signed a huge extension that rewarded him for inspiring hope for the organization.

His comments have the power to begin an ugly end to his tenure with the Kings if the front office decides to move him just for the sake of making a deal for a disgruntled star. Unless Fox publicly demands a trade, it is in their best interest to keep him around.

Indiana has been through this mess with Paul George and Victor Oladipo. Minnesota witnessed how Jimmy Butler forced his way out. Neither of those franchises has had recognizable success after trading a star.

I would simply not look too deep into the comments made by De’Aaron Fox during a rough stretch of the season. Players will get frustrated and some words may slip but that should not deter the Kings from building around him and trying to make him happy in Sacramento.

If he is traded and it does not lead to immediate success, it will go down as another failed attempt to kickstart the roster through a young star. It would also be a sign of giving up on a draft pick that has shown plenty of promise.

A trade of some sort seems likely prior to this season’s trade deadline. Sacramento appears to be ready to part with some of its top assets in order to swing for the fences but De’Aaron Fox should not be moved. Instead, the Kings should use players like Buddy Hield and Marvin Bagley to help Fox.

Pairing other assets to bring in another star would greatly benefit Fox, Haliburton, and Holmes for the future. What is the next step for a team that still can’t sniff the playoffs?

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