Sacramento Kings: Three Trades to Send Marvin Bagley III to the Pistons

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According to NBA insider Marc Stein, the Detroit Pistons are a team to watch in trade conversations with the Sacramento Kings around Marvin Bagley III. It’s been clear for a while that Bagley and Sacramento are heading for a split, and according to Stein, the Pistons have been monitoring the situation for some time now, even going as far back as last season.

The Sacramento Kings, from the top to the organization to the fanbase, are anxious to trade Bagley, especially after his recent dramatic display where he refused to enter a game when called upon by Head Coach Luke Walton. In spite of this, the Kings will not simply give Bagley away and will instead make every attempt to recoup some value for the former No. 2 overall pick.

Whether they target a player who can provide any type of a positive impact or aim to land one or more draft picks, what’s clear is that they won’t just give Bagley away. The Detroit Pistons aren’t an asset-rich team, and what few true assets they do boast are likely off the table for Bagley, but there are a few players Detroit may be willing to part with that could help the Kings this season.

Three trades to send Marvin Bagley III from the Kings to the Detroit Pistons.

The key here is making moderate improvement. Sacramento has struggled for many reasons this season, and there’s no single quick solution. One thing that has become clear, though, is that the team needs both depth and top-end talent. Hopefully, Monte McNair can find a way to add one or both of those in a Bagley deal though it certainly won’t be easy.

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