Sacramento Kings: Best trade in team history with every NBA franchise

Chris Webber, Sacramento Kings (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)
Chris Webber, Sacramento Kings (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) /
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Nick Anderson, Vlade Divac, Sacramento Kings
Nick Anderson, Vlade Divac, Sacramento Kings /

Best trades in Sacramento Kings history: Hall of Fame talent joins the squad

Surprisingly, there has never been a trade where the Sacramento Kings have gotten the better end of the stick when exchanging players with the Oklahoma City Thunder, despite having six transactions on the books. In fact, the Kings have technically never traded with Oklahoma City, as the team relocated there in 2008 and the last recorded trade between the two took place in 2006.

This particular trade went down in 1995, and if you don’t remember it, I wouldn’t blame you. This could be considered the “best” trade with Seattle, simply because every player involved was no longer in the NBA two years after this trade went down. Marciulionis at the very least had a memorable international career that would ultimately get him inducted into the Hall of Fame for his achievements playing for the Soviet Union.

  • Sacramento received: 3.3 future win shares
  • Oklahoma City received: 1.6 future win shares

The Magic are another team that has only ever completed two trades with the Kings, and thus are hard to properly place in these rankings. In 1999, Orlando thanked Nick Anderson for his service by shipping him to the other side of the country. Anderson was clearly past his prime at this point so I’m not sure why Sacramento made this trade out of anything other than desperation to contend.

That being said, Tariq Abdul-Wahad was no difficult loss, and Anderson was a crucial piece in the trade that brought Mike Bibby to Sacramento. At the very least, we weren’t forced to watch Kendrick Perkins play basketball. That alone is a massive win in my opinion.

  • Sacramento received: 2.7 future win shares
  • Orlando received: 2.0 future win shares