Sacramento Kings All-Time Starting 5…With No Teammates

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A new twist on the “All-Time Team” project: what is the best Sacramento Kings team that you can put together without using players who were teammates?

It has now been over ten weeks since the last NBA game took place. During the COVID-19 shutdown, fans have been looking for ways to indulge in their team’s history, and there have been countless “All-Time” lists made over the last 70+ days. We’ve made a few ourselves regarding the Sacramento Kings.

For this piece, we are stealing an idea from a handful of our sister sites on the FanSided network. We’ve made “All-Time Starting 5” lists for the Kings before, but this one has an interesting wrinkle: no teammates. Every player must come from a different era or regime and none can overlap.

This exercise is especially difficult to do for teams like the Kings. Sacramento has only had one era of championship contention in its 35-year history, and most of the legends of the franchise played together on those early 2000s teams. Many of the well-regarded players in the team’s history were all teammates.

But we have done our best, and we believe our list is the best one you could possibly make.

(Note: We included players from the Sacramento era only, 1985-2020)

Building The Best Sacramento Kings Team, No Teammates

PG – De’Aaron Fox

The starting point guard for our squad is the one that is currently on the Kings roster and that is De’Aaron Fox. His career is still young, and he has plenty of budding to do, but Fox has the potential to be the most decorated Kings point guard of all time.

He had some big shoes to fill on this team. We were forced to bypass on the likes of Mike Bibby, Bobby Jackson, and Jason Williams, due to the fact that our power forward was teammates with all of them. But Fox is a solid option, and still might have been our pick even if the aforementioned players were eligible.

Fox has been the catalyst for the Kings offense over the last two seasons, and is regarded as one of the most promising young prospects in the league. His blinding speed would set the tone for the offense and give the team an instant identity.

While it was profoundly entertaining to watch The Greatest Show On Court operate with Williams at the helm, but replacing him with De’Aaron Fox would have made for an entirely different beast. He might not be the distributor that Williams or even Bibby was, but Fox has a real shot at ending his career as the best Kings point guard in the Sacramento era.

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