Kings: What Does July 31st Target Date Mean?

The NBA has been making big strides in resuming the 2019-’20 season following the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been conference calls and league votes taking place to determine what capacity the league will resume in, and there is good reason to believe that the Sacramento Kings will be involved.

But when will it all happen? How much longer are we going to have to go without basketball even when the plan has been set in motion?

The Athletic’s Shams Charania shed some light on a possibility that has been discussed by the NBA’s Board of Governors:

Good news! Finally some good news!

What Does Target Date Mean For NBA, Sacramento Kings?

What we should all still remember is how fluid and ever-changing the COVID-19 situation is, and that Adam Silver called July 31st a “target date”. This is the plan if everything else goes according to the plan, which has been far from the case during the ongoing pandemic.

But if it holds true, then there should still be about a month until any training camps begin. There was recent rumor that teams would be given a roughly 25-day training period in their home facilities, followed by a handful of practices at the league’s central location. That would mean that camps would begin sometime around the final week of June.

Is has been almost 80 days since the league was suspended on March 11th, and we will have to wait another 63 days until July 31st. While a 140+ day hiatus is rough on the fans, the players will need all the time that they can get to work themselves back in shape.

Not only have the players been idle for two and a half months, but many of them have had no access to the proper facilities or equipment to at least keep them fresh and shooting a basketball. During a normal off season, a player might vacation for a couple of weeks without playing any games of pickup. But it is safe to say that many players have not gone more than a month without competitive basketball since they were old enough to remember.

There is going to be more rust now than ever before.

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