Top 5 One-Year Wonders In Sacramento Kings History

Cuttino Mobley Sacramento Kings (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Cuttino Mobley Sacramento Kings (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images) /
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There have been nearly 500 players who have taken the court for the Sacramento Kings franchise. Who are the best one-year players in the team’s history?

Of the 498 players who have stepped foot on the court for the Sacramento Kings, 263 of them have played one season or less for the franchise. For every Peja Stojakovic there is a Tony Delk and a Ty Lawson. For every Francisco Garcia, there is an Ime Udoka and an Anthony Peeler.

But there have been some memorable performances by single-year players, and we made a list of the five greatest one-hit wonders in Sacramento Kings’ history.

For clarity, this is not simply based on statistics. Yes, we took some of the better scorers or high assist guys when compiling this collection, but we wrote about guys we knew about or watched play. Yes, there was a guy named Clyde Lovellette who played one season with the Cincinnati Royals and averaged 23 points and 12 rebounds a game. DeMarcus Cousins-like numbers indeed, but I never saw him play, nor have I ever heard the name.

There were guys like Brian Taylor, Ray Williams, and Cliff Robinson who were all 15+ point scorers in their single seasons with the franchise, but I couldn’t tell you one from the other. And I won’t pretend like I do. So, our list is comprised entirely of players from the last 20 seasons, though not completely by design. It kind of happened that way. Sort of.

There were some guys that were tough omissions and others that just didn’t log enough minutes with the Kings. We would have liked to have included guys like Vince Carter or Jim Jackson, but they didn’t have the statistical impact that other guys had. There were other guys, like Jack Cooley, who were popular with the fan base but just didn’t play enough minutes to build the on-court resume that we would include in a list like this one.

So sit back, click through, and enjoy the stroll down memory lane.