3 Sacramento Kings Who Might Not Be Around Next Season

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There might not be sweeping changes to the Sacramento Kings roster this season, but there are a few players who may have played their last games in purple.

As we wait for the world to regain health and the NBA to resume play, we are left to wonder what, if anything, is left of the 2019-’20 season for the Sacramento Kings. There is a possibility that the regular season is effectively over, which would end their unlikely playoff chase, and the careers in Sacramento for some guys.

We take a look at a handful of Kings players who might not be around next season.

1. Harry Giles

Harry Giles has been a topic on the tip of Kings fans’ tongues since early November. It was then that the Kings inexplicably declined the team option on his rookie contract, effectively making him a free agent at the end of the season, whenever that may be.

Giles has become a fan favorite in Sacramento and holds a special place in the heart of the fan base. So when we found out that the team was unwilling to pay $4 million for a guy with high potential and an undying love for our city, we were understandably upset.

But maybe the Kings knew something that we didn’t. Giles was out of the rotation for the better part of the first half of the season, and it was speculated that the coaching staff was unhappy with his conditioning. Fortunately for Giles’ situation, injuries to Sacramento’s front line allowed him to get regular minutes during an important stretch of games, and eventually found himself in the starting lineup.

Since then, Giles has had his entire repertoire on display. He brings the hustle and intensity that make him so popular with Kings fans, and has a pass or two every game that makes you stand up off of your couch. From the outside, it seems as though the Kings front office has been made to look foolish due to Giles thriving when they didn’t think they would need him at all.

Or maybe that is all a part of the plan? Maybe the Kings are confident that no other team will be willing to fork out $4 million to Giles in free agency. Given the landscape of the players that are available on the open market this upcoming offseason, it is likely that the lanky big man will command a contract that Sacramento is unwilling to match.

Whatever happens for the Kings this season, we can only hope that we get another glimpse or two of Giles in purple before all is said and done.

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