De’Aaron Fox Thinks NBA 2K Is “Trash”

Sacramento Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox has been playing video games to pass the time, and he had some choice words for NBA 2K this week.

With both the NBA and the sports world on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time, athletes find themselves needing to fill their days, and many have taken to video games to entertain themselves. This is especially true for Sacramento Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox.

Fox is a known gamer as it is, but the NBA hiatus has kicked his game into another gear, so to speak. It took him less than two days after games were officially suspended to send out a tweet saying “Twitch?”, a simple call to those who want to log on and watch his live gaming stream.

His next four tweets over the subsequent day were all gaming-related, including a retweet of a meme posted by Luka Doncic of a cartoon character with a video game controller and bloodshot eyes.

His game seems to be Call Of Duty, which he has streamed games of with Josh Hart of the New Orleans Pelicans.

But on Saturday morning, Fox let his feelings be known about another popular game, NBA 2K. Apparently, he isn’t very fond of it:

Harsh words from a serious gamer and up and coming NBA star. The replies to the tweet are entertaining, ranging from like-sentiments as well as jokes about Fox’s game rating taking a hit because of his controversial opinion. (For what its worth, Fox currently has an 85 rating.)

I am admittedly not a gamer myself, but I have dabbled in an out of different versions of 2K throughout the years on friends consoles. I never found a great appeal in the game either, though I wouldn’t go as far as Fox in saying that it is “trash.” But to each his own.

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If you want to keep up with Fox and his offseason gaming, you can check out his Twitch channel by clicking on this link.

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