Buddy Hield Brings Home A Trophy From All-Star Weekend

Buddy Hield Sacramento Kings (Photo by Ivan Shum - Clicks Images/Getty Images)
Buddy Hield Sacramento Kings (Photo by Ivan Shum - Clicks Images/Getty Images) /

It has been nothing short of a disappointing season for the Sacramento Kings, but Buddy Hield provided some relief over All-Star Weekend.

It has been a disappointing season for the Sacramento Kings. Entering the season with an expectation that Sacramento would make the playoffs, it was shocking to see it all fall apart from the start of training camp. Suffering more than their fair share of injuries has not allowed stability in the line-up, while adding to the misery is Sacramento’s inability to adjust to Luke Walton new style.

As a result, fans have been subject to some ugly basketball. Cohesion on the floor has been inconsistent. There is a problem turnovers, and players have asked to be traded. If it It has been just one of those seasons where the team can’t catch a break.

Hield’s Win Could Be Brightest Spot Of Season

The Sacramento Kings got a needed boost to lift the spirit of the fanbase from one well known hard-working player on the Kings team. Buddy Hield took home the trophy in The Three-Point Contest  in thrilling fashion. Shaking off any nerves with his experience from last years All-Star contest. There was plenty of pressure on the last shot, but Hield kept his poise and hit the contest-winning basket before running across the court to celebrate.

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In a weekend dedicated to his favorite player Kobe Bryant, we can only hope that this piece of hardware means even more the Hield. He took the news of Bryant’s passing hard, as he credits the Black Mamba for providing the drive and motivation to be the best person he could be, which eventually led him to the NBA. Hield never forgets to mention how grateful and blessed he is to be in the position that he is.

As for the morale of Kings fans, the Three-Point Contest trophy is at least something to make us smile in a undeniably forgettable season.

Final Thoughts

Hield participating in All-Star Saturday is a breath of fresh air for the Kings and their fans. While there certainly aren’t any players on the Kings roster that should have made the All-Star roster, Hield proved that he belonged with his thrilling victory.

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So when will we see a Sacramento Kings player get voted in to the All-Star Game? Perhaps De’Aaron Fox or Marvin Bagley can take a step forward next season and at least find themselves in consideration for a spot.