Sacramento Kings: Which Uniform Color Scheme Is Best?

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The Sacramento Kings have donned five different color schemes so far this season. Which one of them is the best? We break it down.

In today’s NBA, it seems as though every team has a uniform in every color. This is most evident by the Sacramento Kings’ insistence on wearing red as their primary color on 14 different occasions this season. The franchise partially redeemed themselves of that blunder by unveiling the royal blue Classic Edition jerseys this season, which are arguably the best-looking uniforms in franchise history.

So which color scheme is best? We’re not talking about personal opinion, rather which jersey color is worn for the most team victories? We will start with the worst record.

(note: much of our information came from @SacKings_unis on Twitter who provided us with links and other contributions. The account is a great follow if you’re interested in Kings’ threads)

#5. “Icon” – Purple & Silver; 1-6 record

The Kings have their worst winning percentage, by far, when they are wearing their white “Icon” uniforms. There is a very logical explanation for this.

Sacramento has not worn their patented purples since December 6th in a game in which the Kings blew a 9-point lead in under two minutes that we’re still bitter about. But they wore them in that game and in six others over the course of the first 20 games of the season, and the team fared awfully.

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During the Kings ugly 0-5 start to the season, they wore the Icon jerseys four times, solidifying that color scheme as the odds-on favorite for the worst one of the year. Unless the Kings can win 6 of the 7 games in which they are scheduled to wear purple, it will end up with the fewest victories to it’s name.

While the uniform schedule for each team is set before the season even begins, it does seem convenient that the Kings ditched their worst jerseys after one of the worst performances up to that point. But they’ll show their ugly heads again on March 8th when the Kings host the Toronto Raptors, who will be in their white association uniforms.

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