The Sacramento Kings Drafted Marvin Bagley Not Luka Doncic

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(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

Fans will talk about Luka being passed over in the draft.

Marvin and Luka will be tied together in Sacramento Kings’ draft history for the ages. I do not expect the comparison of the second and third selection to simmer anytime soon. With all that said the one point I would like to make is if you support them and want the home team to win.

You have to back up Marvin Bagley III with the same love that De ‘Aaron Fox, Kyle Guy, Richaun Holmes, along with the rest of the players receive. If you read my articles on a regular basis you would be correct to say I liked Doncic a lot.

I have pointed out Bagley faults during his rookie year, shown stats of Doncic when he has a great game. I have criticized Vlade, Walton, Vivek, and Dave Joerger too. No one likes every decision the G.M. or a coach makes but Joerger earned my respect for the team he built from scratch.

Vlade has made some good choices. Getting Bogdan Bogdanovic from the Phoenix Suns is an example. In my view, Bogdan was always the key piece in that trade. As Anthony Cardenas wrote about the Kings passing on Damien Lillard would be another example.

As we have experienced too often in the past there are plenty of other bad drafts and deals. The decision-makers for the Sacramento Kings will get called out when they make mistakes. We have a young talented player who needs time to get healthy.

Hindsight is 20/20 if anyone had a crystal ball Sactown would have the best team every year. With that in mind, no one can say Marvin Bagley is a bust. He has not been off the injured list or played enough to show us one percent of his skills on the hardwood.

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