The Sacramento Kings Drafted Marvin Bagley Not Luka Doncic

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(Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

Many people will question for the ages why the Sacramento Kings drafted Marvin Bagley over current Maverick Luka Doncic.

Like the majority of fans, I wanted the Sacramento Kings to draft Luka in 2018. Considering that Vlade has the European connection being a former European player himself. I thought it was a done deal with Doncic being the Kings’ draft choice.

Marvin Bagley Is A Sacramento King. Period.

Then the rumors started coming out that Sactown was considering Bagley. As the draft approached much to my dismay it was well-known Sacramento was going with Marvin Bagley. Was their secret information Divac knew about Luka or Bagley that made him choose Bagley?

Early on most draft boards had Doncic as the number #2 pick. I was content if the Sacramento Kings took either one of these special players. I preferred Luka by a mile. My only concern for the front office was just don’t make another mistake as they have done in the past.

(Example #1 Rumor of picking Michael Porter Jr. with the #2 pick without trading down.) The fact is we drafted Marvin that leaves us with no choice. As the best fans in the NBA, we need to show him love and support that Sacramento is known for doing.

The city’s reputation of making the guys on the team part of the community.  Injuries have hurt Bagley’s reputation with only 13 games in the current campaign. Telling him anything other than keep working hard is negative as well as counterproductive.

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